I Belong To You By Muro (Ft Henry Woods)

MUTUMBA RONALD a man known to many as Muro or Man of fire (muror) like some call him, with every situation molding him into the artiste and person he is today, was raised by catholic parents in Kampala the capital of Uganda.

Muro loved foot ball and music which led him into the four walls of a church building. In 1988, at the encouragement of a Christian leader- Pastor George Okudi delivering the message, Muro’s world was flipped upside down as the Holy Spirit convicted him of his sin and need for a Savior instantly; he gave his life to Christ and got saved. 

After 2 years in church where he was involved in music, Muro felt there was no hope for him becoming a great and famous musician and felt church and salvation were boring and pointless so he walked out on the Christian life and all its limitations to a life he felt was LARGE. Muro joined a gang of boys and started drinking, going to the clubs, fighting and all that comes with it.

After 4 years of careless living ,Muro felt the urge to go back to a life he once lived and realized he had just wasted his life and gained nothing in all he was a part of so he decided to recommit his life to the Jesus he knew as a little boy.

In 2005,Muro decided to use his gift of music and performing arts to glorify God and bring transformation to his peers, so he joined a church dance group called “Living Springs”, while he also sung with another rap group called “PROSPEX” which was made up of him and 2 other guys: Don MC and Prosper who together recorded their first single “Why, Why” which was an HIV/AIDS awareness song that received good air play on radio. The group went on to record more singles like “all the Children Crying” ,”Coming Soon” ,Give Your Life to Jesus among others all recorded by Kasika Richard from Kenya

After a few years the group disbanded with each artiste going solo and Muro going on to record a few singles that so him break out with the single “Don’t Cry” on which he collaborated with Crystal Fabulous and Mac Elvis(RIP) who was the producer of this single which caught like a wild fire playing on most radios and the video on most T.Vs in the country making Muro a star and house hold name,Muro has gone on to record more songs and collaborations with artistes like Robin San, Patricia and Mac Elvis(RIP).

Muro’s first debut album(THE GREAT I AM)  was released in 2014 featuring different artists all over the world,got him nominated in Gospel Music Awards Italy for two years,hit chats in Uganda,UK and other countries,and is signed to Journey Man ProjeKT a label and group under Sami-K and he travels allover the continent sharing his music and testimony inspiring a generation of young believers and encouraging others to accept Christ as their Lord and savior.

I Belong To You was released June 2018

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