Superb Jehovah By Chimamanda

Chimamanda Obiekwe is an international singer-songwriter, music award winner and a Model.

She gained fame and rose to prominence after singing in World Youth Day held in Central Europe krakow, Poland in July 2016 organized by the Catholic Church. Her life changed automatically after her wonderful performance at the program.

Chimamanda is the only child of her parent. She was single handedly  raise by her mother  after her father abandoned her and her mother in the hospital after giving birth to her. 

She went through hell growing up as a child. Most  of her extended family thought she will die young or be a very useless child in the family but as God may have it, she surrendered her life and destiny to God to take control.

She also made a promise to her mother that one day, “the rejected stone will be the  chief cornerstone”.

The song titled “superb Jehovah “ is a praise and worship song to return all the glory to God.

psalms 145 vs  21 : my mouth will speak in praise of the lord, let every creature praise his holy name for ever and ever, Amen.

Superb Jehovah was released 18th January 2019

You can download your copy on the link below…