Full Condition By SWAT 4:24

SWAT 4:24 is an all-male gospel quintet known for their diversity in contemporary (reggae, afro, rap) urban music.

Founded in 2011, it consists of Tusiime Richard a.k.a TU Rich, Barasa Andrew a.k.a Baroh, Onyait Paul a.k.a Big Mulla P, Ombaa Richard a.k.a R.I.L and Kimara Joseph Mukung a.k.a Steve Kim. SWAT 4:24 stands for serve, Worship Abba in Truth, drawn from John 4:24.

SWAT 4:24 was founded by a group of childhood friends attending the same local church in Mutungo, a suburb of Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. They were drawn together by their love and passion for music, using every meeting to rhyme on beats. They spent time writing and performing music on popular instrumentals to their local church and friends.

In March 2013 came the first recorded single of SWAT 4:24, Take Me Refuge, at Emiziki studios, sparking off excitement amidst their families and friends. Later, in August of that same year, they released their second single Rise Up coming through Emiziki studios. The two singles circulated amongst their new found fans through their online and social media platforms, but never made it to the air waves. In December 2013, R.I.L released Wedding Day through Emiziki studios becoming the third record single of the quintet. It became a new favorite on friends’ and families’ weddings in the preceding years.

Around August 2014, the gospel quintet released their fourth single Winners, through Emiziki studios. But with pressure from university education and work, music production stalled for two years.

SWAT 4:24 returned to the music scene in June 2017 with Onjagala through Trance studios. It became their first record to receive airplay, hitting local gospel airwaves and local gospel online chats. The quintet went to several churches and places performing Onjagala and some of the other songs. In October of the same year, they released Selfie through Trance studios, which soon became a fan-favorite affirming their presence on the
local gospel airwaves and local gospel online chats.

Later in December 2017, the quintet released Njagala Omanye, becoming their third single through Trance studios and seventh record in total.

The success of their singles continued in 2018 with SWAT 4:24 releasing Winner Man in May, another record through Trance studios. In September of the same year, the group tallied to nine records with the release of Full Condition through Route studios, establishing the music diversity of SWAT 4:24.

Full Condition was released September 2018

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