Lala My Song By Daniel Charway

Daniel was born is Ghana and now living in the United Kingdom.

Lala My Song was written by Daniel himself, and released January 2019.

There was a period of 1 year when he changed Jobs and things were not the same as with the old job. Less happy and constantly thinking because he thought he had made the wrong decision and he could see the devil fighting him through a church he helped in the past. 

One day on his way to work early in the morning whiles he was thinking about God and His infinite power, the whole verse of Lala with the melody started playing in his spirit. He started following it and recorded what he was hearing into his phone. Later on in the morning, this same song started playing again in his spirit so he started to sing it and as he sang he got excited in his spirit then the other part of the song started playing so he recorded both parts. 

He remember calling a friend that same evening to tell her about the song. And she said the song is sounding like a love song since she doesn’t understand the lyrics but following the melody sounded like that.

Since then he had been waiting for any further development on it but got nothing until he finally produced.

This is how Lala was born.

It was first produced locally by his friend a very good keyboardist (Michael Sackey) who suggested they put it together musically and minister it during Annual musical concert dubbed (Takeover Gospel Musical Concert).

After the concert a few minister who attended the concert advised that he should get it professionally produced and so he started the production journey. 

Contacted a producer in South Africa. His name is Mr Kwame Nkrumah. and this is where and who produced Lala My Song.

Part of the production was done in London (Adehye studios)

His hope for Lala is that when anybody listened to it, their relationship with God should be stronger, 

And if they haven’t known God this message should introduce God as our source of protection and way to security assurance and to give them every reason why they should praise God as their source to everything they hope for in life.

Lala My Song was released 2nd January 2019

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