The Breeze Of God By Landish

Landish Arthur was born 16th January 1997 and is now 21 years

From Ghana he started music in college but it wasn’t gospel it started as hip pop and Rnb.

After he wrote a couple of songs he asked his brother for a studio to record because he was already doing music and he asked him about the genre he did. he told him he was doing Hip Hop and RnB and he was like ‘if God has given you this talents why don’t you do it for God, why don’t he tell people about God through his music’

He didn’t second  his suggestion and kept doing what he was doing.

Later he heard a voice told him ‘Hey Landish why don’t you preach my word to my people through your music, I’ve given you this gift why don’t you do it for me’ 

This voice kept ringing in his heads for sometime before he started doing Christian Hip Hop. So his brother (Israel Freeson) and himself are duos, they are groupies called FRYZONS.

God loves us even tho we go astray He fell in love before we were made in our moms womb, His love is still the same He doesn’t pay us according to our sins When you get closer to him and He blows His breeze around you Poverty feels cold so it runs You start dining with Good health and favor.

The Breeze of God was released 1st January 2019

can download on the link below…