Release The Sound (PASTED)

  By Household of Mercy – HOMe

Sat 26 January 2019 16:00 – 21:00

The Southgate Centre for Judaism, The Schindler Hall, 75 Chase Road, London, N14 4QY

One Night of Prayer, Impartation and Activation 

Do you know that there is a SOUND in you, a unique sound that can only come out of you?

Do you realise that there are forces fighting and waging war in an attempt to stop you from releasing your sound, your roar? 
Have you wondered why you are not been heard, even when you do a lot, shout out loud and speak all the time?

Do you know that things will SHIFT when you begin to RELEASE your SOUND?

On this one night we will break everything trying to CONTAIN and CONTROL your Sound!

Why not join the HOMe family on this one night of Strategies, Prayer/Prophecies and Activation (SPA) in 2019.

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